Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep the Space Neat

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Small bathroom storage ideas are always needed, especially by those who live in cramped space. Many people these days cannot afford living in spacious house. Most of them end up living in one-bedroom apartment or a tiny house.
Of course, the bathroom of the limited living space like that is also quite small.

We all know that there are so many things to store inside a bathroom, including the bathing products and things like towel. When your bathroom is small, you need to find the right ideas of storage. Here are some clever examples for you to try.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are just perfect for small bathroom storage. It does not eat up any valuable space in the tiny bathroom. Instead, it occupies the wall perfectly. Floating shelves can be easily made by attaching wooden stripes on the wall.

Or, you can also buy store-bought floating shelf. They are relatively cheaper and mostly completed with the tools and materials you need to mount them on the wall. The placement of the floating shelf is better to be on the largest wall surface. It will make the room less blank and keep everything in the bathroom well-organized.

Mirror Storage

Even though the bathroom is very small, there should always be a space for a mirror. Mirror is just essential in a bathroom. It works as the tool to reflect your face while you are doing makeup, shaving your facial hair, or brushing your teeth. To provide a storage inside your tiny bathroom, buy a mirror with a storage concealed behind it.

There are numerous places where you can go and buy mirror storage. Most mirror storage is designed like a regular cabinet. Buying that item and you will get both mirror and perfect storage at the same time. This kind of storage is one of the best small bathroom storage ideas for everyone to try.

Tiered Storage Baskets

If you do not like floating shelf or you do not like the idea of having mirror storage, you can always try storage basket. Storage basket is a great way to keep your bathroom stuff organized, starting from rolls of toilet paper to bottles of shampoo and soap can be stored in a storage basket. To save space, try to buy tiered storage baskets.

The tiered basket consists usually of three to five baskets stacked together. They are stacked vertically so that they do not eat up space. They make a cool decoration as well for your bathroom. This is why tiered storage baskets should be tried to give you a useful storage for the tiny bathroom.

There is no doubt that having those bathroom storages as suggested above will make your bathroom neat and tidy. It does not matter how small the bathroom is, as long as the space is neat, it will be highly comfortable to clean yourself there every single day. It all starts by picking small bathroom storage ideas that will suit your bathroom the most.

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