Modern False Ceiling Ideas for Contemporary Homes

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Living in a contemporary house means that you have to find modern false ceiling ideas. Contemporary-styled home needs unique touches on everything, including the ceiling. The best type of ceiling to be installed in a contemporary, modern-oriented home is false ceiling.

Also known as dropped ceiling, false ceiling is great to give a 3D illusion to the ceiling. It makes the room looks unique and delightful. If you want to redecorate your modern house and you want to complete the house with false ceiling, here are some of the ideas you can try.

Colorful False Ceiling

One of the characteristics of a modern or contemporary home is the usage of multiple color shades in a single space. Sometimes, the combination of bold colors is used to make the room looks really unique. This colorful theme is often brought up to the ceiling.

False or dropped ceiling is designed with ordinary shapes but packed with lots of colors to give uncommon yet dazzling look. If you want to make a false ceiling with lots of colors, make sure that the walls of the room is painted in neutral color, such as white or beige. It will help the colorful false ceiling to stand out easily.

Glass Panel False Ceiling

Glass is a very common material to be found in modern homes. The material is often used on the ceiling as well. The false ceiling is designed in several levels to emphasize its dropped effect. The deepest part of the ceiling is built out of glass. It gives a sophisticated look to the overall ceiling.

The glass is see-through as well, giving you access to better lighting during the day and beautiful scenery to stargaze at night. If you plan to have a false ceiling made out of glass like this one, you need to pick the thickest and strongest glass possible. It prevents the glass from getting destroyed forcefully or being shattered by falling objects.

Textured False Ceiling

For those who live in a modern house with mansion-like design, the best modern false ceiling ideas can be the textured false ceiling. This secondary ceiling offers grand look because the layered ceiling on it is layered beautifully and filled with stunning pattern. However, making this type of false ceiling won’t be easy, let alone cheap.

Hard work is required to finish this ceiling. This is why those who can afford this textured dropped ceiling are probably the well-off ones. It is not impossible to try making the ceiling, though, especially when you are good in crafting and designing a room.

It is now quite clear that modern house and false ceiling do belong together. They complement each other and the combination between the modern home and the ceiling is near to perfection. All you need to do know is basically choosing the right style of false ceiling that you think will match your house the best. Not long after, your house will look even more amazing with the right modern false ceiling ideas hanging from above.

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