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7 Simple and Modern Craft Ideas That Can Be Done On the Weekend

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No need to go somewhere to refresh your mind on the weekend. There are various ways to express yourself through art and modern craft ideas. All of those things may not be done on weekdays, but you always can try them on weekend with the simple and handy materials you can find around your home.

Usually, baking is a great way to start food DIYs because the ingredients are already there in the kitchen. Or, if you are not really into a chef mode, you can try other craft ideas which may help to decorate your home by using the materials around. Ready to be an artist? Come and check these creative ideas below.

DIY Art and Crafts from Home Materials

1. Staircase Decals

It seems that the stair risers are an unexpected space to put color or patterns around your house. Some shops have a various selection of motifs and hues to put on the steps. The best part is the materials are removable, so you can change them if you are bored with the old pattern or motifs.

2. Knitted Sneakers

This one is an alternative to having sneakers at home. No worries about the dust or dirt since they are knitted. It is modeled after a classic pair of Converse high tops and voila! They become cozy slippers with the double-lined soles for making them much warmer. It is the best craft idea for you who have knitting skill. If you need more knowledge about the design or knitting style, browse them on the internet.

3. Temporary Tattoo Art

If you keen on body art, this idea answers your willing. It is easier for you to the temporary one using an inkjet printer and decal paper. Draw a design which comes up in your mind and produces the faux ink which will last for several days.

4. Mini Planter

The current modern crafting goal is to turn your space into an indoor garden. Prepare some small and big plants for doing that. Some adorable pedestal planters are really good for the smaller side at home. These planters also hold your personal botanicals with the Mid-century taste.

5. Painted Stone

It is inspired by an artist, Elspeth McLean who beautifully transforms an ordinary stone into a dazzling artwork. Find smooth rocks and paint it with your favorite acrylic paint. You will produce some colorful art objects for decorating your home or you can make it as a gift.

6. Paper Lampshade

It is a lampshade which offers a simple way for adding flair around your home. It is practical and unique. So, instead of buying it from the store, you can try to make your own lampshade from papers. You can impersonate the lampshade with your own favorite color and size.

7. Resin Bowl

Wood and resin is a wonderful combination which works for various applications such as furniture and jewelry. You can create your own wood and resin bowl if you have tools experience. Since the resin is smelly, it is better for you to do it outside or inside, but with good ventilation.

Wonderful, right? There are many ways to spend your weekend now. Have modern craft ideas to apply at your home and throw away the boredom.

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