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8 Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Ideas with the Main Component Details

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A mid-century modern bedroom concept is a concept in which design and decor are ageless and timeless. So, relating to this concept, many people would like to have a home with many rooms like a mansion. A room that really works with the mid-century concept is a bedroom because there are various ways to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere with a mid-century scheme. commonly, mid-century design is clean, linear, near and using simple furniture, colors, and texture. The concept includes the color scheme, furniture, and flooring which collaborate together become a mid-century bedroom. Here are the more explanations.

8 Main Components in Mid Century Modern Bedroom

1. Color Scheme

The colors of the mid-century concept are rich and deep such as dark yellows, oranges, reds, deep greens, and browns. You may create your own color scheme by combining them which are used for bedding, furniture, rugs, windows, and decoration. Meanwhile, for the color walls usually uses neutral color choices.

2. Furniture

Significant furniture for a mid-century bedroom is a bed. It becomes the most popular feature with low-to-the-ground style, sleek looking and very linear. Besides the bed, the bedroom features with simple and without too many architectural decorations. The sofas and chairs come with soft curves with solid colors and various materials such as plastic and wood.

3. Flooring

Wood flooring is the best. If you like carpets, you can have them by placing a rug under the bed or another side. The rug variations might be a retro-patterned rug or shaggy area rug. Any rugs will be a focal point of the bedroom.
After knowing the main components of a mid-century modern bedroom ideas, now let’s take a look some inspirations about it.

4. A Ranch Wooden Bedroom

The main element of this bedroom is wood. The color scheme is a combination between a white and brown which raise a simple taste and feeling. The bright look is from the white ceiling, glass wall, white bed, and white wall.

5. A Gentle Tone Mid-century Bedroom

The gentle color options include grey, blue, and brown. You may combine them or the shades for choosing the furniture or flooring. For example, the grey color is for the bed comforter and the furry rub, the brown wood color is for the headboard and the wall, and the dark grey is for the flooring.

6. A Baby Mid-Century Bedroom

The elements of the baby mid-century bedroom are neutral colors, simple furniture, and fantastic geometric pattern. The geometric pattern includes the wall and striped rug. Then, complete with a white crib, a dark-trimmed dresser, a white pouf ottoman, and matching curtains.

7. A Concrete Flooring Bedroom

The beauty of the texture on flooring that you can have is the exposed concrete floor. It is exposed for showing the simplicity and you can add a white rug for covering some areas. The concrete design is sometimes avoided because it looks unfinished flooring. But if you like the texture as the unique element, go ahead.

8. A Geometric Mural Bedroom

Still dealing with geometric pattern, your bedroom can be decorated with ceramic wall mural with a geometric pattern which is painted on the wall above the bed. Instantly, this mural becomes the center of attention in the bedroom.

So, which one attracts you? Stick to the main concepts and pick the best mid-century modern bedroom ideas for your lovely bedroom.

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