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5 Kitchen Wood Furniture Ideas Which Bring Country Life

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A cozy rustic kitchen is the best escape from the hectic city life for the whole day. Sipping your tea and imagining you are in silent countryside is really calming. Therefore, many homeowners invest big budget for making their dream to set the home in country style. This time, this article focuses on the kitchen which comes with the wood furniture which also collaborates with other materials such as old stone or granite. Getting interested? Find the breath-taking kitchen wood furniture ideas for you country-style home.

5 Wood Furniture with Various Color and Theme Combination

1. White and Airy Kitchen

When brown wood is too common for you, or maybe your kitchen is too dark due to the dimly lit, you can use this wonderful idea. Have the wooden ceiling beams made of solid wood and bleach with a white stain. Then, make the wooden cupboards from the same material and paint it with light pine wood. Both of the colors are far from dreary or dark sense and feels airy.

2. Pops of Red and Dark Wood Kitchen

All of the wonderful wooden elements in the kitchen will bring nature to feel inside. It comes in wooden floor planks, time-worn wood cabinets, or wood ceiling beams. Apply the knots in the wooden pine wall to show where originally the tree branches grew. Get the grooves in the ceiling beams to show the trace of the carpenter’s clean of bark. Set the floorboards which the creek sound will be heard every time you step on them.

Those mentioned elements are a beautiful combination to get the aesthetic of a rustic kitchen. For the color option, you can play with the pops of barn-colored on the island for the real and nice country touch. The color combination really sends warmth for your intimate kitchen.

3. Stone-Wood Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen wood furniture can also be magically combined with a stone element if you really want the nature concept for your kitchen. The stone or rock element can be added in a fireplace hearth or as a cover for the entire wall. Other alternatives have the flagstone floor or rock countertop from quartz or granite. You may add several small rugs for a warmer layered look.

4. Painted Wood Kitchen

Not all kitchen wood furniture should be in bare wood, so you can combine with other colors through the paint or the different wood color. For example, you can have the bare wood for the flooring and paint other furniture in a deep country blue. To be more aesthetic, paint the wall and cabinets in a country color, then add a bright lime green to achieve the best outcome. The colors from out-of-doors are also great, such as barn-red, greens or browns.

5. Primitive Painted Kitchen

To add more rustic and old country style, the aged, time-worn and chipping paint is essential. This is the best idea for people who love chip-free home. You can find the primitive paint in flea market mostly, or you can hunt the completely worn cabinet or table for your rustic kitchen.

It is beautiful to include natural elements in your kitchen, right? Get the best kitchen wood furniture ideas above and have the best natural and rustic kitchen at your home.

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