Beautiful False Ceiling Living Room Ideas

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False ceiling living room ideas are often liked by numerous people because they can certainly improve the beauty of the living room. False ceiling, also known as dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling, is a kind of secondary ceiling built right under the main ceiling.

It gives a kind of dropped effect to the overall look of the ceiling. This kind of ceiling is usually found in modern or contemporary homes. Here are some of the best looking false ceiling that can inspire you to get one.

Classic Layered False Ceiling

Classic layered false ceiling is just perfect for living room with luxurious and extravagant look. This type of false ceiling can be found in grand buildings and mansions. It gives a stunning looking on the ceiling to make the whole thing looks grand and well-designed. The layered ceiling is mostly designed in rectangular shape to retain the classiness.

Sometimes, in the middle of each false ceiling, a small lamp or other light fixtures is installed. If you want to use this classic looking layered false ceiling, make sure that your living room is designed in the same theme to make sure that everything is going to be cohesive.

False Ceiling with Chandelier

Chandelier is just one of the best things that can be given to a ceiling. However, the combination between chandelier and false ceiling turns out to be even better. The false ceiling gives a sort of suspender for the chandelier to shine. This kind of dropped ceiling is just perfect for contemporary homes and modern homes to have.

It is also perfect to be applied to houses with tall ceiling. The chandelier does not have to be the grand-looking ones, with glass and everything. Simple chandelier like the one in the picture seems to be more than enough to compliment the false ceiling and create excellent false ceiling living room ideas.

Simple Shaped False Ceiling

Creating false ceiling does not have to be very complicated. You can simply try to design the ceiling with simple shapes, like round and oval. Having the ceiling accessorized with simple shaped turns out to be a great idea because it gives a unique look to the ceiling without being too bold and obvious.

This is why the living room can still have other focal points rather than on the ceiling only. This idea is perfect to be applied in any kinds of room, including living room with rustic theme to living room with contemporary theme. It will just be perfect to make the living room looks beautiful at the end.

False ceiling indeed has the ability to create beautiful illusion to the entire ceiling. There won’t be an old, plain looking ceiling in the living room. However, before you try to have this type of ceiling, you have to realize that this type of ceiling does make the room looks shorter. If you want to have false ceiling, make sure that your living room is tall enough so that it still looks gorgeous when false ceiling living room ideas are applied there.

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