Simple DIY TV Stand Ideas to Try

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Having a TV at home means that you have to find DIY TV stand ideas. Even though mounting a TV on the wall using some brackets is now in trends, placing the TV on a stand is still going to give you more benefits, particularly on the aesthetic side. If you love to get creative and have time to make your own TV stand, there are a lot of ideas that you should try. Here are some of the best and simplest ideas of DIY TV stand that you can certainly try with ease at home.

Wooden Crate TV Stand

Wooden crate can be easily turned into DIY TV stand. You do not need to do much about it. All you need to prepare is several wooden crates and some woodworking tools, such as nails and hammer. Wooden crate can be painted easily to match the desired color of the TV stand. The overall look of the piece of furniture is certainly going to enhance the beauty of your room. Since the look of wooden crate is pretty rugged, this idea is better to be tried if you have a rustic-themed house or farmhouse-inspired room.

Recycled Table TV Stand

Making TV stand does not mean that you have to start everything from nothing. You can simply check out your basement or storage room to find some old tables that you do not use anymore. Recycling a table is very simple and you can certainly turn an old table into a gorgeous looking TV stand.

All you need to do is basically just repaint table and give it bit of extra storage here and there. Eventually, the table is going to be beautiful enough for the TV to sit there. This is why recycling old tables seems to be one of the best DIY TV stand ideas that you should really try.

Refurbished Dresser TV Stand

If you do not have wooden crates and you do not have any old tables to recycle, you still have many other ideas to try. One of the best ideas to try is to refurbish an old dresser. A dresser is actually perfect for TV stand. It has already built with lots of drawers and storage where you can use to keep the TV remotes, batteries, and other stuff.

An old dresser just needs a bit of touch up to look all new. You can give the dresser a layer of chalk paint to make it looks unique and a kind of shabby-chic looking at the end. With this idea, you can literally make a brand new TV stand without having to do much.

Now that you know that there are a lot of ideas to inspire you when you plan to make DIY TV stand, you can start choosing the best idea for you to try. By the end of the process, you will have a beautiful TV stand at home that absolutely helps your family room to look even more stunning. It all begins by choosing the right DIY TV stand ideas.

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