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10 Quick and Easy Craft for Kid Ideas Holiday

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Spending holiday with creativity is a really good idea for your kids. It kills their boredom and makes them active for a while. That’s why you need some craft kid ideas that you can do together with your kids at home. Use the materials around and let the kids customize their craft with their own creativity. You can also do this activity at the weekends or other days off. Special for you, Great Parents, the quick and easy craft for kids ideas.

10 Craft Projects for Kids with Easy Materials

1. Instant Play Dough

Prepare three ingredients which are easily found in your kitchen” water, cornstarch, and baking soda. The kids will love to mix these three and sculpt the dough to be anything they want. They also can add some food colouring for the colourful play dough. The boredom will end soon!

2. Paper Pinwheel

Ring a bell? Yes, mommies surely have experience in crafting this in their childhood. This is a timeless craft and a great project for kids. Take some colourful or pattern paper for the pinwheel. After that, ask the kids to play them outside.

3. Counting Sticks

Besides making some project, this craft encourages your kids to learn how to count. Use some ice cream sticks and write some numbers on them. Decorate with some glitter glue which is based on the amount of the number, for example, three dots for number 3.

4. Homemade May Day Basket

It is a perfect craft for spring. Just prepare some colourful papers, a doily, and some string. Shape the paper like a cone basket and ad the string and doily. Fill the basket with flowers from outside in the spring, or candy canes in the winter.

5. DIY Sidewalk Paint

You can use chalk paint here and decorate your sidewalk which can last for the whole summer. Whip up some chalk paint and paint any shape or drawing you want. Painting while sunbathing is a great combination.

6. Stick Puppets

Have some popsicle sticks around? You can turn them into some paper puppets. Draw some characters like minions, bumble bees, or other various animals. Then, cut them in shape and stick them on the stick. You can play the puppets with your kids or just stick them in a potted plant for some spring decoration.

7. Recycled Jug Watering Can

Use a milk jug to turn into an eco-friendly watering can. Poke some holes in the cap and use some washi tape or paint for decoration. Then, we are ready for gardening!

8. Magnetic Cardboard Tic Tac Toe

This is another recycled idea which uses boxes. Make a board in less 10 minutes with the tic tac toe symbols. After that, Play it with the kids whenever they want.

9. Toilet Paper Butterfly

Use some paper towel rolls or old toilet paper. Take four pieces and shape and glue them like the body of a butterfly. Then, add some paint for the colour and add some pipe cleaners for the antenna.

10. Origami Finger Puppets

It is a quick craft for kid idea which is super fun and simple. Make kitties, frogs, puppies, or the kids favorite cartoon characters and paint to colour them. If they are ready, play them with the kids around the house.
That’s it! How fun the crafting you can imagine. Make the kids busy with those craft for kids ideas. No more boredom on holiday!

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