5 Cozy Apartment Interior Ideas Which Turn A Small Apartment

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Sometimes people think that an apartment is a short pace living space so that they like to choose the functional furniture only without thinking about the design and style. Try to have a balance for those things which can enable you to have a comfortable living for the present and the future. Therefore, you need to fill your apartment with the functional as well as aesthetical furniture based on your personal taste. However, it might be a bit hard thinking of designing a small apartment into a stylish apartment due to the limited space. Don’t worry, find help here. There are various cozy apartment interior ideas which may inspire you for decorating your tiny apartment.

The Tips and Ideas for Small Apartment to be More Spacious

1. Consider the Unused Spaces

Unused spaces are spaces which aren’t currently useful for some purpose, for examples are unused corners or blank walls. Think about some ways to use those spaces for your advantages. Buy a corner shelving to store your bar stuff and have a few baskets on top of your refrigerator for hiding the lesser-used serving dishes.

2. Have a Partition for Separating Areas

A partition is used for ‘hiding’ some stuff and you can use your buffet or rack to place as a partition. For example, place the coat and shoe racks by the door to round off the entrance. Or, put a buffet between the kitchen and dining area for the easy serving and storage. If you have a certain hobby, don’t be doubt to put the stuff as a partition, such as an indoor bike rack or your favorite plants from an indoor garden.

3. Purchase a Multifunctional Furniture

A small room indeed needs a type of furniture that has more than one function. A bedroom is a room that is perfect for this investment. Try to consider a trundle bed which can be folded into a sofa for watching TV, a dining table with a built-in leaf for the decoration, or a hollow ottoman which also can be used for storage. Place those multi-purpose types of furniture in the area which is really appropriate. An overstuff model will only make your space even narrower.

4. Set a Vertical Storage

Check this best plan for vertical storage: place two identical bookshelves on the sides of a doorway for a built-in shelving book, or have a large entertainment center which reaches from floor to ceiling as a great partition. If you want more to use up the vertical space, you might use the available wall for hiding the fold-away furniture such as Murphy beds which are transformable and used for the cheap motel in the past.

5. Get the Floating Design

Nowadays, floating design is a trend which can open things space up. It is because it allows the eye to see all over the way through space. Floating furniture which you can use is a floating sink with a traditional vanity or a floating shelves in lieu of a bookcase. For the decoration, you might have a gallery-style display with several floating shelves in various sizes. Place some photographs, painting, statues, and accessories there.
Now you can have a big picture that living in a small apartment still enables you to have gorgeous interior ideas. Just refer to one or more of those cozy apartment interior ideas and have fun in designing!

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