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12 Cool Birthday Party Ideas for Adults that You Can Do At Home

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It is not only kids who hope the best party for birthday. Sometimes adults want the same thing for having fun and escaping a bit from the daily routines. Everybody loves to invite their favorite people in one room and celebrate their birthday. For adults, it tends to be a situation for reminiscing about the past year that has been passed together, not a crowded and noisy birthday party. It is always possible to have a birthday party at home with your adult friends rather than going to a bar or having dined out. There are some birthday party ideas which you can try at home with your favorite people.

3 Themed Activities and Decoration for Adult Birthday Party

Dress-up Party

There are some ideas for this party. First, get dolled up at your home. Call an at-home beauty concierge service to do your hair and makeup. Second, have a jewelry-making party. Make some jewelry model with your friends and take the craft custom pieces home. Your guests could customize everything from stone colour to metal type which you can get online. Third, set your own dress code which is challenging to wear. Fourth, host an 80’s disco party where you can ask the guests to wear chic gear and high-knee sock. Don’t forget to play some funky pop-disco of the decade.

Pool Party

Having a birthday in summer? No problems. A pool party is the best idea with various interesting outdoor activities. First, have a luau which consists of craft cocktails in pineapples, homemade flower leis, and DIY tiki bar. Second, throw a barbeque dish such as burgers, hot dogs, beer and some vegetable kabobs. Your guests can take a dip whenever they want which means the food is a centre of attention here.

Third, have a mock Olympics tournament so you ask the guests to put fun twists on each of the water-based challenges. Fourth, plan a swan float party. Decore your pool with some cool swan floats and set your guests into teams for having a pool war. The winners may take the swan home.

Extraordinary Party

Do you need a very unusual party? Try the followings:

– A massive picnic.
Have a bunch of blankets and invite your favorite people to your garden. Ask them to pack their lunch and snacks before. Play some music and enjoy the summer breeze.

– A star-gazing party
It is really fun to meet outside and sit or lay under the stars. Pick out their favorite constellations and name a star after your friends.

– A film screening
You could rent a local cineplex or a huge home theater to play some favorite movies. Prepare candy, popcorn, coke or slushies.

– A karaoke night
Set a local karaoke bar at your home and prepare your favorite music for you and your friends.

– A spa day
It is time to have relax and treat yourself and closest friends to have self-care experiences. Get in touch with a psychic, take a mud bath, or try a crystal healing.

A birthday is a moment for you to spend with your favorite people such as friends or family. Therefore, planning the birthday party ideas becomes important due to the closeness goal among the people. It is not for just fun, it is a matter of gathering again after the routines.

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